Policy: AC17: After-Hours Access to Laboratory Policy


The policy pertains to the requirements as prescribed under s. 3. (1), s. 20. (1), and s. 25. (1) of O. Reg. 415/06.”

  1. Introduction

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program laboratory is open and available to those trusted to use the laboratory and its resources responsibly. While hands-on activities in the lab are encouraged during regular Institute business hours (9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday throughout the year). However, some practical activities may require students to practice in the laboratory outside of normal business hours, such as evenings, weekends and holidays.

  • Purpose
    • The purpose of this policy is to determine the responsibilities of faculty, staff, students and any other users who have access to the laboratory after normal business hours or when the Institute building is closed. It must also be read in conjunction with the Institute’s policies related to safety, health and safety, and environmental management, including “Occupational Health and Safety,” and other property guides, manuals, permits, directives, or directions from the following authorities:
      • Institute
      • Office of Health, Safety and Risk Management
      • Property office
      • Regulatory bodies
  • Definitions
    • “After Hours” generally refers to times other than 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, normal business hours set by the Institute, after building lockdowns, holidays and weekends.
    • Professor and Core teachers refer to the academic staff of the Institute who are responsible for the teaching and simulation practice of DMS programs and have authority over the implementation of DMS practices and teaching staff.
    • DMS teaching practice Personnel includes all persons directly or indirectly engaged or involved in DMS practice and includes, but is not limited to, Professors, core teachers, undergraduate students, graduate students, visiting students, teacher associates, Institute support staff, and DMS technicians.
    • Research refers to the activities of professors or core faculty for creative approaches and pursuit of knowledge or practice on specific issues related to DMS program improvement.  RHI encourages and funds the creativity of professors and core teachers to improve the delivery of DMS programs through simulators, innovative technologies, mobile technologies, and pedagogical methods to assess theory and skill improvement, standardized patients and simulation participants, effective curricula development, and peer learning and assessment.
  • Permission to obtain access after hours
    • Professors, core teacher, teacher associates, graduate students, support staff, and DMS technicians who require access to the lab for their teaching duties can access the lab on a schedule for the practice of teaching knowledge and skills. If other academic staff need access to the lab after hours, the individual must discuss lab procedures with the Student/Staff Office and obtain written permission for access within the given hours and equipment.
  • Working Alone
    • Careful and adequate oversight is in the best interests of practitioners, institutions, and property owners. Practitioners must be aware of laboratory practice’s risks, dangers, and hazards that may result in injury, equipment, or property damage. It is strongly recommended not to work in the laboratory alone, especially after hours. Practitioners must carefully assess whether it is prudent to work independently in the laboratory under these circumstances. If working alone in the laboratory cannot be avoided, especially after hours, practitioners must follow safe work procedures, including those outlined in the Health and Safety Policy.
    • In the case of working in the lab after hours, practitioners are encouraged to bring their Robert Health Institute ID and call the Student/Staff Office to confirm themselves, the lab, and the approximate length of time they will be in the lab. Again, this is for informational purposes only so that if there is a problem in the lab’s building, the student/staff office will know who might be present after hours.
  • Practitioners
    • Practitioners must complete and sign all forms or other documents required by the institute to obtain a key or security access card.
    • Examples of the forms include the Laboratory Personnel Training Form attached to this policy.
  • Unauthorized users
    • Practitioners who are permitted to practice in the laboratory after hours must report to the Institute if they need someone else to accompany them in the laboratory after hours. Therefore, practitioners must not lend others their keys or security access cards. In addition, they must ensure that others are not using their keys or security access cards without permission to access the Institute’s premises.
    • Family members, friends, guests, visitors, or any other unauthorized individuals are not permitted to enter the laboratory after hours unless obtaining written permission from the Institute.
  • Access may be prohibited
    • An institute or program may prohibit access to the laboratory to those who do not comply with any health and safety regulations, this policy, or any other institute policy, regulation, guideline, practice, instruction, or direction.
    • Practitioners who have been banned from entering the laboratory for non-compliance with any health and safety regulations may apply to the Institute for re-entry permission by providing a written request and pledging to comply with this policy and any other institutional policies, regulations, and guidelines.
  • Further information

For questions or requests for more information regarding the application or interpretation of this policy, please contact the Director of Students/Staff directly at 416-222-26666 or email: rhinstitute2011@gmail.com.

  1. Appendix: Laboratory Practitioner Safety Orientation Form