Policy: AC09: Graduation Requirements Policy


The policy pertains to the requirements as prescribed under s. 3. (1), s. 20. (1), and s. 25. (1) of O. Reg. 415/06.”

  1. Purpose of RHI’s Graduation Requirements Policy

The Robert Health Institute (RHI) is committed to ensuring that our students complete their programs. RHI’s Graduation Requirements policy has integrated working together with other RHI policies to help students meet the graduation requirements in order to graduate from an Ontario College Credential and Honours DMS program Diploma.

  • Definition of RHI’s Graduation Requirements Policy and Procedure
    • Grade Appeal policy is students’ opportunity to appeal the final grade in a specific course. Students can file multiple Grade Appeals simultaneously and submit a Standing Appeal if it applies to their circumstances.
    • A Grade Appeal is submitted to the instructor and administrative staff in which the course is offered.
    • A Standing Appeal is appeal to challenge your current standing of either RTW (Required to Withdraw) or PPW (Permanent Program Withdrawal). Similar to a Grade Appeal, a Standing Appeal must be filed on at least one appeal ground. Students must also show “substantive reasons why their current standing is NOT appropriate.”
    • Students have to submit both a Grade Appeal and a Standing Appeal simultaneously, because students can file on the same grounds but require different appeal forms. A Standing Appeal will only be considered after a decision on the Grade Appeal has been achieved. Alternatively, grade and standing appeals can be considered concurrently for graduate students if the student’s Program Director decides them.
    • There are five (4) grounds that students can submit a Grade Appeal on:
      • Medical
      • Course Management
      • Prejudice
      • Procedural Error
    • There are four (4) grounds that students can submit a Standing Appeal on:
      • Medical
      • Course Management
      • Prejudice
      • Procedural Error
  • RHI’s Graduation Requirements Procedure
    • Appeals of grades on assignments, tests, placements or examinations must be made within ten (10) business days of the release of the grade. Failure to provide notification and supporting documents may jeopardize the appeal. (Refer to RHI policy AC07) 
    • In Grade Appeal Policy outlines, one of the most crucial procedures is that the students are responsible for notifying their instructor and administrative staff as soon as the events arise that are likely to affect their academic performance.
    • Informal Appeal Procedure
      • First, always try to discuss with student’s instructor and administrative staff and try to resolve the situation informally. Students may be able to resolve the grading and standing issues without having to file an appeal based on their individual circumstances.
      • Only the formal appeal procedures should be followed, when Informal Appeal Procedure cannot be resolved directly with the instructor.
    • Formal Appeal Process Students who don’t own outstanding debts or obligations to the Institute have the right to formally apply a Grade Appeal simultaneously and submit a Standing Appeal concerning their academic performance and progression through a program of study.

The following information will assist students with determining whether they have grounds for an appeal.

  • Medical grounds:An appeal on Medical grounds must include documentation from a registered health professional with a clear explanation of how the medical condition directly affected students’ academic performance during the semester. Students have 5-days to submit medical documentation to the administrator staff but have to inform their instructor as soon as the situation arises. 

Students have to submit a completed Robert Health Institute Certificate health professional on letterhead with the same information as the Robert Health Institute Certificate.

The Robert Health Institute Certificate can be filled out by the family doctor or regulated health professional, including a psychologist, therapist, or chiropractor, who can also complete the Robert Health Institute Certificate. 

  • Course Management grounds: During the semester, instructor deviates significantly from Robert Health Institute course management policies or course outline. When the deviation from the course management policy or course outline impact student’s ability to do well in a test or assignment, and the instructor demonstrates personal bias or unfair treatment towards students who feel adversely affected their grade, the students can file an appeal on Course Management grounds.

Course Management grounds only apply to a Grade Appeal because the circumstances surrounding the appeal are course related.

  • Prejudice grounds: Student, who experienced discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, and basis covered under the Ontario Human Rights Code, can appeal on Prejudice grounds. If the students are filing on the prejudice grounds, their case will be postponed until Human Rights Services on campus file a report on it.
    • Procedural Error grounds:

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