About us

Robert Health Institute provides leading ARDMS exam preparation courses and hand-on training for national and international medical professionals. Robert Health Institute will help students to achieve distinguish marks and scan skills for ARDMS exams.

Sonography is a rapidly growing technology that has become an integral part of the diagnostic process in medical centers in Canada. Students who graduate from accredited post graduate ultrasound programs, most prefer to work in hospitals rather than in private clinic settings. On the other hand, in Canada, there are estimated over 1000 private clinics that serve the Canadian residents. Those private ultrasound clinics feel difficult to find high-level qualified sonographers. Because students from accredited post graduate ultrasound program cannot fill in the huge numbers of empty positions. This problem lagged private imaging clinic to provide higher standard service to Canadian residents.

Robert Health Institute’s mission is to facilitate international medical professional to pass ARDMS as soon as possible with attractive marks and skills.


Robert Health Institute designed not only ARDMS including abdomen, OB/GYN, but also specific SCAN skills such as transvaginal, transrectal, vascular, echocardiography, and MSK ultrasound to target the needs of private clinics by compliance with the Private Career Colleges monitors.